We are a Finnish company and focus on providing high quality internet services. Our internet services include domains, web hosting, SSL certificates. We also provide IT consultation services. Our staff consists of two students that have been working with domains and web hosting since the age of 10 - this is not only a job for us but also our favourite hobby!


We are already an accredited registrar for .eu, .pw, .fm, .fi and .ax TLDs. Our goal is to become accredited for as many TLDs as possible in order to decrease the amount of middlemen and thus offer the most affordable pricing. Next we will be most likely applying for .se/.nu accreditation and after that we will go for ICANN accreditation and then sell gTLDs such as .com and .net without any middlemen!
By choosing us as your domain registrar you can rest assured that your domain costs will decrease over time as we become accredited for more TLDs and you will benefit of our Discount Program. And what's best is that we use our own domain registrar backend software - thus we have no recurring costs in that aspect and are able to provide the most affordable pricing in the long-term.
Our self-built control panel is also very neat and easy-to-use, and comes with a wide variety of tools. For resellers the control panel even comes with white-label reselling solutions.

Student Discounts

We want to support students to thrive in the world of Internet and thus offer awesome student discounts on our services. Following discounts are available for those who are able to provide evidence of their student status:

  • -50% off from all Web Hosting plans
  • -10% off from all domains
  • -10% off from all SSL certificates

Send a high quality photo of your student card or the ID number of your ISIC student card to us by email. We will then activate the discounts on your account for one year. You may receive the discounts for additional years in case you still are a student.